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Investment Philosophy

Apple Orchard

Elegantly Streamlined & Effective Portfolio Strategies


Long-Term Buy and Hold

We believe in the power of patience. By investing for the long term in a well-crafted, balanced portfolio, we embrace the concept of buy and hold, avoiding the distractions of market noise.


Broad Diversification

Our portfolios feature diversified, low-cost mutual funds, ETFs, and SMAs (Separately Managed Accounts). With broad diversification, we aim to minimize risk while maximizing your potential for growth across various asset classes.


Active and Passive Management Blend

We blend active and passive management to create a robust investment strategy. Active management helps us identify opportunities to capitalize on market trends, while passive strategies provide the stability and consistency that long-term investing requires.


Tax Efficiency

We carefully consider tax implications with each investment decision to minimize your tax liabilities and maximize returns. Our tax-aware approach helps protect your wealth and keeps more of your money working for your goals.


Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT)

Leveraging the principles of Modern Portfolio Theory, we strategically allocate your investments to achieve optimal returns for the level of risk you're comfortable with. This approach ensures your portfolio is aligned with your goals, lifestyle, and tolerance for risk.


Rebalancing and Monitoring

We rebalance your portfolio at least annually to maintain alignment with your goals, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness. Our team also monitors performance quarterly to identify trends and fine-tune our strategy as needed, all while maintaining a long-range perspective.


An Enhanced Experience

We understand that your financial journey deserves a solid foundation, which is why we've partnered with Charles Schwab, a trusted leader in investment services. This collaboration enhances the client experience by offering:


Cutting-Edge Technology

Access your accounts and manage your investments with ease through Schwab's intuitive online platform and mobile app. Track your portfolio, review performance, and receive market updates—all from the comfort of your preferred device.


Comprehensive Research and Insights

Benefit from Schwab's comprehensive market research, financial insights, and analysis. Our firm leverages these resources to make informed decisions that align with your financial objectives.


Streamlined Transactions

Make transactions quickly and efficiently with Schwab's seamless account management tools. Their reliable trading platform ensures that buying, selling, and managing your investments is straightforward.


Secure Custody of Assets

Your investments are held securely with Charles Schwab, one of the industry's largest custodians, providing you peace of mind and institutional-grade asset protection.


Personalized Support

Schwab's customer support team is available to address your administrative needs promptly. Together, our firms ensure you receive attentive service and accurate information.


Competitive Pricing

Schwab provides low-cost trading fees and commissions, ensuring your investments stay efficient and cost-effective.

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Client Stories

Navigating Life's Priorities, One Step at a Time

Read how we've empowered others like you to balance the present while building a prosperous future. Our clients have found peace of mind in our tailored strategies, realigning their financial paths with their dreams. Read our client stories.

Let's Craft Your Financial Future Together

At Hanke & Co. Wealth Management, we’re dedicated to building a straightforward yet effective investment strategy tailored to your unique goals. Let’s work together to navigate the complexities of investing and ensure your portfolio stays resilient, no matter what.

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