We acknowledge the searing pain inflicted upon America on January Sixth - the day it felt as though a loved one had been killed by a drunken driver.  


In the wake of this insurrection, we honor the memory of two victims of the “Stop the Steal” mob: U.S. Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick, who was bludgeoned to death with a fire extinguisher, and fellow officer, Howard Liebengood, whose despondent reaction to January Sixth resulted in suicide.


Nothing to Give But Our Blood, Sweat, and Clinical Detachment

Third Quarter 2020 Newsletter: The Election Issue

So it is every four years: investors try to anticipate how various election outcomes will affect the economy and their portfolios.  

Enter we dutiful financial planners with our quadrennial, election season newsletter.

Hanke & Co. Wealth Management is proud to announce expanded service capabilities as we are joined by Rafael Paschoal, our new Operations Manager.

In this role, Rafael oversees client service requests and supports the firm’s senior planners in preparing written financial plans and managing client portfolios. 

May this find you and your loved ones in good health and spirits during these most difficult times.  We miss being able to meet you in person...


We add our voices to countless others wishing you and your loved ones’ safety and security during the pandemic.  We are all affected profoundly at a human level.  Yet we might take solace in a growing, global response to curtail and end the spread of the new coronavirus...  


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Click on the link and watch our Market Update video.


The brain is a pattern-seeking mechanism and nowhere is this more on display than when attempting to time financial markets – especially when new market highs are reached.


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Click on the link and learn more about why Manuel R. Apolonio became a Financial Planner.


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This past quarter has registered undramatic performance in the financial markets...


The Money & Happiness Edition - Our First Quarter Report“What's the use of happiness?  It can't buy you money.” - Henny Youngman 


Throughout the ages, the relationship between money and happiness has been pondered by theologians and philosophers as well as anxious souls and corny comedians...


Meeting the Dali Lama, the Pope or even Madonna may stand out as a major thrill you’d never forget.  Well, your advisors recently met the nonagenarian rock star of investment management – Nobel Prize winner Harry Markowitz.


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As long-term investors, we utilize asset allocation to mitigate, but not eliminate, market volatility. 


The record-long bull market continues, at least for now.  On March 9, 2009, the Dow Jones bottomed out at 6,547.  At the close of this quarter, June 30, that index stood at 24,271, almost a four-fold increase in nine years.


You have undoubtedly heard of the data breach at Equifax.  You might be one of 143 million people whose credit data and personal identifying information are now in the hands of criminals.

Predicting shifts is a fool’s errand.  Nonetheless, the surprise election results of 2016 tested most who foreswear market timing. One achievement among our clients was that no one cashed out of the markets and went to the sidelines.

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2017 Q3 Quarterly Performance Report.jpe

We are pleased to enclose the Third Quarter reports which reflect the surprisingly good uptick we have recently seen in the markets...

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